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Our Modes

You are allowed to select a mode when setting up your Profile.


Entry Level (Integrate)

This mode is only available for university seniors and fresh graduates. It is designed for companies (Startups) looking to hire talented students in their final year/fresh graduates and steadily integrate them into their workforce.



This mode is for students and graduates looking for paid internship opportunities.



Selecting this mode will aid us in matching you up with projects that need talents within a specific time frame.

Why Join?

why join

Are you a university student or a graduate that is skilled in your craft but not employed yet? If you answer yes to this, then you're the perfect fit for this platform. is built to serve as a bridge to connect authentic talent with Startups/Companies in need of talent to build or work on their projects remotely.

When you sign up to be matched up with a company, you get to work in teams with experienced professionals.
You'll be mentored by them and get paid what you deserve.


Interested in hiring vetted talents for both technical & non-technical roles?

You're at the right place. dashboard furnishes your HR department with a database of vetted young and vibrant talent they can scout.

Are you hiring for long term, contract based or for an internship program? Our Modes will take care of your needs whiles making available to you the right candidate.

We Give you the Opportunity to;

Hire TalentsLine

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why join

Are you hiring for long term, contract based or for an internship program?
Our dashboard gives you the ability to scout through thousand's of young , skilled and vetted talents to cater for company's human resource needs your needs.

The Dashboard Offers

  • Both a snapshot & detailed view of each candidate.
  • Send messages directly to candidate.
  • Analytics of your operations on
  • Handles the entire hiring process and notifies you of any new development during your hiring process.
  • Schedule video meetings between your HR manager and candidate.

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Our Process

Follow these steps to hire talents.


Sign Up

Fill up the company form which includes key details which will be used to filter out the right candidates for you.


Review filtered candidates

Check through the provided list of vetted potential talents for your company/project. Do a quick review of your picks via our built-in video scheduling feature to check which talent fits your company best.


Onboard your preferred candidates

Onboard your selected candidates as new team members seamlessly, using our dashboard.